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Smart Timebox-Mini

Smart Timebox-Mini is the most unique desktop companion with versatile functions. It’s a fine-tuned Bluetooth speaker, a pixel art canvas, a smart alarm, a LED lamp, and a powerful computing device. It will continue to evolve through software updates, where it will bring excitement and fun into your daily life.

• Equipped with a compact 5W full-range driver,our acoustic engineers fine-tuned the Timebox Mini audio with the latest DSP(Digital Sound Processing) technology.

• With a panel of 11×11 RGB LED, Timebox-Mini delivers vibrant colours with the smaller LEDs. While consuming less energy, these smaller LEDs provide similar luminosity as a 3W night light, and your pixel art now appears more vivid and detailed.

• Creating pixel art has never been easier! You can create your awesome designs within seconds. Doodle or Picasso, just unleash your creativity in the most convenient and modern way possible.

• With both visual and audio stimulation, Timebox-Mini includes 22 professional sleep-aid tracks that help you fall asleep faster.

• Leave a voice message on the Timebox-Mini, it’s your personal reminder or a ‘fridge notepad’ for your family.

• 5W DSP Fine-tuned driver
• 121 Full-RGB Pixel LED
• Professional sleep-aid and smart alarm
• Built-in voice messenger and FM radio tuner
• Social media notification, temperature sensor and more
• 16 Million RGB Colors. The most vibrant and colorful speaker ever

MOQ: 25
Lead Time: 3 Weeks +
Product Size: 91 x 90 x 38mm
Product Weight: 292g
Logo Printing Area: 60 x 30mm
Printing Options: 1-2 Spot Colour, Custom Pixel Design

Colour Options:

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