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UK Manufactured Hand Sanitizer Spray

UK Manufactured Sanitizer Formula and printed Labels. Keep clear of germs and wipe surfaces down with the One Protection Antibacterial Hand and Surface Spray! Coming in 4 different bottle sizes- the 30ml and 60ml sanitizing spray will fit perfectly in your pocket for those quick sprays, while the slightly bigger 100ml and 250ml can be kept in your bag or sit comfortably on your desk or kitchen to wipe down surfaces. Removing 99.9% of bacteria, the high 80% alcohol rate antibacterial is strong enough to remove even the toughest of germs.

These antibacterial spray bottles can come custom branded with bespoke stickers to both front and back of the bottle or can be delivered plain stock, branded with the One Protection branding. The formula in these sanitizing bottles are approved by the World Health Organisation and is manufactured in the UK. The health and safety of everyone around you has never been more important, so keep everyone safe with your own personalised hand sanitizer.  

Warning: This products high alcohol percentage means it is extremely flammable and should not be exposed to fire. 

*Please note: These product images are used for illustration purposes only and the colours of the final product may vary slightly.

MOQ: 1
Lead Time: 3-5 days
Product Size: 30ml | 60ml | 100ml | 250ml
Printing Options: Full Colour Sticker

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